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Love You Three

Puppy Love CBD Dog Tincture

Puppy Love CBD Dog Tincture

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LYT loves your pup as much as you do. Our Puppy Love CBD Dog Tincture is formulated for joint health and pain management so your pooch can get back to the joy of moving freely.  We've packaged it in an easy-to-measure dropper so that you can dose the perfect amount to add to your pet's treats or food.

Puppy Love is available in two sizes: for small and large dogs.  This tincture is great before walks to help loosen stiff joints and increase flexibility.  Our high quality CBD also may provide for a mellow calm during the occasional thunderstorm or fireworks show.

Choose your tincture based on your pet's size: small (under 30lbs) or large (over 30lbs) and show your fur-baby some LOVE. 


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